Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I absolutely love stationary paper. Honestly. I am fascinated by the textures and the smoothness of graphite against it. In addition, I love notes, love letters, and party invitations; moreover, it only make sense that I love stationary so much. Mom brought me back some new thank you cards from Rifle Paper Company! Score! 
See my current collection of cards, invites, and postcards below:

From top let to right: Greek thanks, Hebrew thanks, German thanks, and French thanks. 
My new cards! J'adore! 

 I really enjoy having all these cute cards but usually I end up using my more ironic, cheap stationary instead because I do not wish to part with all my hand made things. haha. So I usually send out something like this-which I bought as a joke.

Or this-which I found in a drawer the other day. :)

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