Monday, November 4, 2013


Sorry for being so slack about this lately. School is a burden I must bare. Most days I don't have time to get on the computer at all, read any other blogs, and I'm behind on like 5 SNLs. Where are my priorities?!

Anyways. This week was particularly stressful but what kept me going was the promise of Fun Day. Fun Day is new tradition that Zach, Emily, Sara, and I started we do nothing but hang out ALL day. Sounds simple but just go with it. With all of our busy schedules it was a miracle that this worked out. Whenever we began to get extra stressed or whenever a sudden wave of excitement encompassed us, one person would start screaming "FUN DAAAAAAAAY!" and we'd all join in. Charming to the people around us, yes. Make no mistake, this happened the day of as well. 

Where's Waldo?
Countin' off the Low Brass Polka
Low Brass Polka Baby. Low Brass Polka.
 P.S. I had no clue these were being taken, dats just my concentration.

First we went to the band 5k where we were dressed as crayons. Stupid precious. Then we went to Chick-fil-a and back to Sara's for a Halo tournament. Emily finally gave up so we had a thing going where her character in the game was the equivalent to the free space on a bingo card. Whenever we found her in the game we'd shout "I found Emily!" and shoot her some free points. You know how we do.  
Nailed it. 

After that we went to Emily and Zach's where Caroline and Wesley joined us for bible study. The food was delicious, the fellowship was great, the songs were joyous, and the study was INCREDIBLE. This was probably my favorite part of Fun Day. We got into a big discussion about motivation to do good and we read a book about assurance of salvation. What was said was exactly what I needed to hear and more. Verses I've been seeing lately struck a cord with others too and we talked about the glory of God together. The Lord is SO amazing. 

When bible study came to a close we headed to the corn maze in the swagin' wagon (mini van) so that we could all fit together. We had a blast at the corn maze. Whenever we got separated we'd scream out Fun Day. Also, we played tag with a bunch of random kids on a jumping pillow and Wesley climbed to the top of the tether ball pole while all the girls tried to overcome the impossible by having a four person piggyback (this turned out to be unsuccessful and apparently three is the limit).  When we left, we headed to the QT for some post game refreshments. Wesley bought this disgusting fake-chicken-in-the-shape-of-a-hot-dog-thing that Sara and I ate and it promptly set out mouths on fire. But hey. Now we know. 

After that we headed back to Emily and Zach's to chill. We started playing American Monopoly but quit. Then we started the Game of Life because "life actually has an end and can be done pretty quickly" as Zach so eloquently and philosophically stated. But of course, it was like midnight-thirty and we were exhausted (Fun Day will wear you out son) so we kind of quit and left. Caroline drove me home and we talked more about the amazing things that happened during bible study. 

All in all, 1st Annual Fun Day was a total success. If you don't believe me, go plan your own Fun Day. 
We try. 
This picture really sums it all up. What a strange, crazy, fun, funny, tiring day. FUN DAY!

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  1. This even made me feel better and I wasn't even there!


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