Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Our youth had the second annual Harvest on the 26th. It was so fun! If you ever really want to see God's beauty. Go to my friend's farm where this was hosted and spend the night there in October. 

We went out into a big field and were able to see the stars (and a few planets) so clearly! Now listen. Stars are my jam (oh. random NBD, say a shooting star as we were leaving the corn maze on Fun Day). Stars are so incredible and complex and distant and numerous and comforting and all around wonderful. I'm in love and I don't care how stupid girly that sounds. 
My friend Joanne

That night, as I snuggled in my hammock, I listened to splashes in the lake nearby, the coyotes howling, and an owl hooting. It was serene and slightly chilling and that's what I liked about it. 

The next morning I woke up very peacefully while the sunrise came in perfectly through the trees. Then I watched the fog roll over the vast lake whilst I huddled with all of my friends by the camp fire. It was one of those moments that you wish would last longer then it ever will. And yes, I sure do paint with words. I want to have that feeling as often as possible so that it doesn't ever seem like I don't have it. That is my happy place.

Oh yeah. Also I got to help lead worship which was a whole different kind of thing that I loved being a part of. 

They said I looked like an American Girl Doll. So here's me embracing it :)
Awkward cousinly love
Takin' down the Eno straps. Thanks boils. :)
No actually, I don't have a black eye. It's dat flash doe. 
I LOVE this picture. Candids are so yes. Laney introduced me to this song, so that's why this is like this. Happy Harvest!

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