Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Are You Doing New Years?

New Years is my favorite holiday. It's truly universal and exciting. There's crazy things going on all night and it's all about clean slates and hope. There's such exciting energy! 
Usually, no matter what I do (Gossip Girl and cookies or ENOing at my friend's farm) I'm content. But also...I've seen too many indie teen movies. Translation: I want o go to those perfect little New Years Partys. The ones with the ridiculous sparkly outfits and kids acting way more important than they are. The ones with shiny party hats and banners. The ones that take place in the fancy hipster apartments. That's what I want to go to.
I want a fancy, sparkly dinner party. I may even want a kiddo to kiss. Just one year. I want the indie-teen-movie-new-years experience. 

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