Monday, July 29, 2013

It's baaaaaack!

Band camp was all last week. 

I'm smiling in the back left while learning charts :)
  It WORE ME OUT! but of course was somehow a blast amongst the blood, sweat, and tears (wait no, just sweat). 
Warm ups
Beach day :)
I'm super pumped about my section this year. Last year was fun but it somehow feels different this year. The saxophones are THE STUFF! I have a good feeling about this year! (Band wise at least).

This year we learned way more of our show then we normally do and got a lot of great work done! Although I hate West Side Story, I'm looking forward to our show. It is still band after all. The music is very catchy and I can't wait to get into dance fights! I pity the fool who can't snap like the Sharks and the Jets!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Frances Ha!

Ashley and I went to go see the new Greta Gerwig movie "Frances Ha" a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it! It was definitely an Indie movie but I was kept entertained the whole time!
It had a lot of funny little quotes so I count it as a success :)

Dangling Earrings.

I have such trouble finding cute dangling earrings that I want to wear! I think too many years of having braces has made me self-conscious about the amount of metal hanging on or around my face. 

I love wearing dangling earrings and my friends always have cute pairs but I have just one. Of course I love them, but I like having options. Here are some cute ones I would enjoy having!
If I were bold enough. $19.99
These too. $19.99

Via Etsy $15

OBSESSED! $12.99

Modcloth $9.99

Modcloth $16.99

Modcloth $11.99
From Modcloth $11.99

Modcloth $17.99

And as always....
I love rockin' those studs. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where my Wisdom at?

Sorry for my absence! I've been going going going! And now that I have a little sliver of relaxation....I'm in recovery from getting out my wisdom teeth! Wahoo. 

My wisdom teeth hath graduated. 

It really hasn't been that bad though. I had another oral surgery in third grade that was much much worse. Also, being younger I had a lower level of pain tolerance. 

I didn't do anything weird while on the medicine. I guess I'm used to it (haha totally kidding). Maybe I'm just too stubborn or practical. I remember being frustrated that the nurse was walking me out. I was thinking "goodness I still know how to walk! Lay off lady!" haha. In my defense, Mom said she picked up on the lady having a tude as well. 

Emily came over the day before I had my wisdom teeth removed and she brought me ice cream, chocolate pudding and a hilarious sympathy card. She has been coming over and watching Gilmore Girls (we're on season 3) to help me recover. 

Emily's been great, however, my main man is Charlie. Little doctor Charlie has been sweet as can be and cute as ever! So that's me right now. 

I'd say the worst part about this is the fact that I had to break my only drinking water during the summer thing. Apparently Coke is good for something or the other. Boo. 

My cheeks didn't swell initially, but now that they have...they sure have. I look like a little chipmunk and I told Emily, "yeah this is what my face looked like in middle school!" hehe. 
I also kind of resemble Raven in that episode of "That's So Raven" where she has the allergic reaction on the cooking show. :)