Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Put the Holla in Holiday.

Here it is! 
Obviously, a trip to New York is top of my list closely followed by world peace (give or take) but if you just can't pull through with those things, here are some other ideas that would be greatly appreciated. 

QUICK REMINDER TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS: If you'd like to get one of these things, make contact with my mother so that I don't get twelve of the same colouring book. Ya know. 

To Watch:
-Moulin Rouge
-Frances Ha
-Begin Again
-Le Petit Nicholas
-Mindy Project: Season 2
-Parks and Recreation: Season 3 or higher
-Parenthood: All seasons
-Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 1

To Read:
-Bossy Pants
-Yes Please
-Live From New York
-The Interestings
-Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
-Book With No Pictures
-Little Humans

To Wear:
-Vampire Weekend Sweatshirt (Medium)
-Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Sweatshirt (Medium in Black)
-Broken Bells Shirt (Medium)
-Athena Tee Shirt from I Love Athens (Medium in Faded Purple)
-Wooden Ring
-Wool Socks
-Bonne Maison Socks (Especially the ones with the people on them)
-NoonDay Earrings Un
-NoonDay Earrings Deux
-NoonDay Earrings Trois
-NoonDay Earrings Quatre
-Duck Boots (size 6, Narrow)
-Barnard Sweatshirt (Medium)
-UT Austin Tee Shirt (Medium)
-University of Michigan Tee Shirt (Medium)
-Columbia University Tee Shirt (Medium)
-Georgia Theatre Shirt (Medium)

To Listen:
-Strange Desire: Bleachers
-Vampire Weekend; Contra: Vampire Weekend
-Rot, Gut, Domestic; Slingshot to Heaven; Dust of Retreat: Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
-Diamonds: Johnnyswim
-Noble Beast; Mysterious Production of Eggs; Soldier On; Swimming Hour: Andrew Bird
-Flying Club Cup: Beirut
-Broken Bells; After the Disco: Broken Bells
-Helplessness Blues: Fleet Foxes
-All of Us in Our Night: Modern Skirts
-Far: Regina Spektor
-Oblangle Fizz Y'all: Reptar
-Classics: She & Him
-Wincing the Night Away: The Shins
-God Help the Girl: God Help the Girl

To Infinity and Beyond:
-75-300 Lens; 18-55mm Lens
-Felted Cactus
-Felted Mounted Animals (You can ask for any custom made)
-Black Jack Wax Candles (In Film Noir)
-Other Calendar
-Paris iPhone Case
-Broken Bells Button Set
-Ingrid Michaelson Button Set

To Spend Freely (Giftcards):
-Barnes and Noble
-Urban Outfitters
-Georgia Theatre
Put the Holla in Holiday! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On Confidence in What You Feel, Say, Do, Make...

I've noticed lately that people are too apologetic for their feelings. 

Are we afraid of being too vulnerable when talking? Listen up as you walk to class. At least one and probably many more conversations you over hear will contain the phrase "I feel like..." I was completely oblivious until I read an article (couldn't find it again otherwise I definitely would have linked it) about how you sound less intelligent when you say this phrase; however, I'm still very guilty of the trap. Is this preface really that hard for me to forgo? Strangely yes. Every now and then I pause before I speak to make sure I don't fall victim to an "I feel like" conversation, yet I'm dumbfounded when trying to find a substitute! Stating my opinions and thoughts is so much simpler when accompanied by "I feel like." But why? Could we be using this phrase as a buffer between our true opinions and someone else's opinion of our opinions? Am I saving someone from taking great offense to what I say? What would I be risking if I did forbid myself to utter the phrase? 

 In another instance, while talking with a friend recently, I pointed out that I have a tendency to end all of my spiels with "That was weird, sorry I said that." It's true that I apologize incessantly for my speech, but it's not something I want to eliminate exactly. I'm not sorry I said what I said. Yes it was probably peculiar, but do you know me at all? Of course it was. Who needs my pointless apology? No one's looking for it anyways.

Much the same, Mom came home from bible study one time with the observation that ladies will always explain their outfit if they feel it is not up to their typical standards. "I was running so late today so I just threw on the first thing I saw!" "We just got back from the beach and I haven't been able to wash clothes yet!" "My daughter borrowed the sweater I was planning on wearing without even telling me!" All things I have heard uttered from smart womens' mouths. Is it needed? No. It's completely personal. I wasn't going to notice your weird pants until you pointed them out to me and even if I did, I wasn't going to comment on them! Still, I have been there. On Sunday I got back from a weekend of backpacking and went straight to dinner where I ran into a classmate and hurriedly explained the situation. But guess what? He didn't care and come to think of it, I didn't much care either. I like what I wore for my hiking weekend and so what if my hair is in a messy braid? It effects pretty much no one because this was not a formative event I attended, it was dinner to-go at a local Mexican chain.

Normally I'm actually pretty confident in what I wear. Many people claim that it takes a lot of confidence for me to wear what I do (hey there map leggings and mixed patterns). I've learned to wear clothes for my pleasure and expression and not for other's reviews. 

I am, personally, the most guilty of apologizing for my feelings and my circumstances. This past weekend, while backpacking, I twisted my ankle and had to go at a slower pace then I would have liked. I couldn't stop myself from apologizing to the group even though I was the one in pain. In my mind, I know that only I can feel the pain so if I express how sorry I am, maybe it validates my blunder to the others in my party. It's twisted (yes that's on purpose) but I'd feel like a phony if I didn't give them my sincerest "sorry! I don't want to hold y'all back!" That's not where my attention should be in those kinds of situations though. I believe it's completely acceptable to be a little selfish (within reason; aka can it be fixed with a band aid?) when you're injured but I divert all of my energy into appeasing others instead of fixing my problem. I need to suck up my pride and be confident and selfish in my injury. It doesn't matter if they think I'm faking, what matters is that I heal. 

When I was little, I was somewhat terrified of letting my sister see me cry. She had expressed to me somewhere along the way that she was not a crier and that she may or may not judge people who are. Well. I kind of am. For years I would do all in my power to restrain any emotion I had so that I would appear worthy of her attention. Ridiculous. Now I have come to realize that it's fine that we're different people and that I can be a crier even if she is not. Still, this one is tough to be nonchalant about. It's not a bad thing to feel different emotions, yet I feel guilty when I do. I only feel comfortable to feel as I do raw in specific circumstances. This is why going to the movies alone can be fun and also why I reject liking most of the literature we have to read in class. Peer pressure to feel a certain way about something restricts me from feeling the way I actually feel. 

A few weeks ago at lunch, my friend made a joke about how I'm not the best at the math section of the SAT. It wasn't even that offensive (although probably still a bit uncalled for) yet I started crying. Out of nowhere, my emotions took control. I seriously still don't understand what caused this. But does that matter? I cried. That is what matters. Was I confident in it? Did I just let it pass? OF COURSE NOT! I apologized for reacting the way I felt because apparently feelings are so forbidden. As the victim of a harsh joke, I could have just cried and let everyone come to their own conclusion. I didn't need to apologize for crying really because it was a natural reaction to a situation; however, I did and more importantly, my apology carried no weight. It was unnecessary because the deed had already been done. Be confident. Cry. React. 

I put all of these pieces together when I got home from school one day in a gloom. I briefly and bluntly took my mom through the events of the day with a slight attitude. "Do you want to start over?" My mom asked me. 


I stood up for my emotions and told her that I was not ashamed of the way I was feeling. It was freeing to express the way I felt un-apologetically. It had been a rough day. I didn't feel the need to put on a bubbly facade so that she could believe that everyday of my junior year was like a day out of "High School Musical." I was fine expressing the fact that I struggled that day. 

It may sound bratty, but it was important that I answered an honest no. My refusing to alter my feelings led me to the revelation that I should never have to apologize for my feelings. Hurting someone else's feelings? Yes. Having feelings? No. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Artful Descriptions.

I had an assignment for the intro of my AP Language class that I really loved. Our teacher told us to pick a song, art piece, or story that describes us and then persuade the class for 2-3 minutes about its relevance to our lives. 

This project was actually slightly terrifying because this is asking you to share your vulnerability with your peers. Eek!

I knew I wanted to do a song because deciding to pick a song already said a lot about me. I am very passionate about my music taste and it has been extremely formative to the person I am and continue to grow into. 

I picked the song "Tightrope" by Yesayer (because I picking a movie wasn't an option (heyyyyy Frances Ha)). 

Here's my argument. 

So you're wishing that you never did

All the embarrassing things you've done 
And you're wishing you could set it right (1)
And you're wishing you could stay the night (2)
But then I go again, wishing never solved a problem (3)
If you wanna get it big time, go ahead and get it get it big time (4)

So I think I can solve all my problems by myself (5)
Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind, nevermind (6)
And you think you can solve all your problems by yourself
Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind, nevermind

Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more (7)
Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more

Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more
Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more

(1) Who doesn't wish this? I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth and saying the wrong thing or offending people I didn't even know were there. Aye aye aye.
(2) I joked with my class that although this could be taken a completely different way, for me it symbolized how I am a night owl and how I typically like to be surrounded by people therefore, I want to stay wherever the people are. (Much like in Frances Ha, "I have trouble leaving places." For real. I'm always the last out of all of my classes.)
(3) My inner conscious is in a consistent battle between realist and dreamer. I have big dreams for myself, but I always check the feasible reality of them so that I don't get too disappointed. 
(4) Because I'm a dreamy-realistic blend, instead of accepting that my goals are too far unattainable, I think about how I can logically take steps towards achieving them. Why not go ahead and get it? This is where my dreamy motives positively influence me to be a go-getter.

(5) I'm a pretty independent problem solver. It's important to me that I form my own opinions because I've tested them and I agree with them and it's something that I can stand up for. Frequently, my opinions differ from those of my family, which adds to my independence.
(6) But of course, even independent people need contact, advice, and help. With much help from my rationality, I know I cannot achieve everything completely on my own so the "nevermind" is the time when I realize this and ask for help. 
I said that this reiterates the idea because it's not a one-time thing. This happens often.
(7) This I took to mean how I always have the best intentions to throw myself completely into an activity or club or event or whatever but after a while, I just get so burned out and discouraged. It's again, a pretty certain pattern as it also happens on the regular.

Your turn! What would you pick? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fanfare for the Common Season.

This season in band, I haven't been as thrilled as normal. I haven't felt in love with it like I had in the past. It's defiantly been a transition year. Obviously, I'm not sure what the transition is transitioning TO quite yet, but I can feel it coming. Maybe I just know that this is a temporary and ultimately short and insignificant piece of my life and that luckily it will soon be drawing to a close. High school. I'm breaking up with you soon. 

Of course, it's not been bad per say. I've been surprised by making a new friend with someone I've been in band with since freshman year. It's all about timing isn't it? Either way, here's some pictures I've found from this season in band. The first few are from band-a-thon, the giant preseason dance party (our theme was uncommon) and the rest are from various games. 
Not pictured, our shopping trip to Goodwill for these garments. 
Whaaat? DIY tramp-stamp jorts?
One of my friends dressed like Al Capone, so the other dressed like his pimp. Slam dunk. 
Pictured is Al Capone and Fidel Castro. 

My shirt says Pet Me. 
Enjoying the game with Benjals. 
  BONUS: Some of my friends looking like a couple and a picture of two friends looking like a gay romance novel

Happy marching. 

That Time Being Called A Feminist Offended Me.

It happened the other day after school. 
The last of my friends was asked to Homecoming. I was happy for her because I knew it's what she wanted to happen and I did have a hand in pushing for the guy to commit, so it was nice to see him follow through. 
1950s Homecoming

It was tough for me to be completely happy for them, though. Just weeks earlier my three friends made a pact "if one of us gets asked, all of us get asked." "This could be fun," I imagined. "If we all got to go together, it could be a really good time." But of course, in the true fashion of teenage girls, as soon as they were all squared away, what would or would not happen to me no longer mattered. 

I didn't want to be a whiny brat, but I was curious if my perspective was considered by them at all. I gently mentioned it, "so y'all are all going together? That'll be fun!" But what I got in response was worse then what I thought would happen. 

With the most naive annoyance in her voice, 

"You're a feminist. You ask someone yourself."

The rest of them crooned their agreement and support of the statement.  

Ouch. This isn't a matter of women empowerment, this is a matter of friendship. I could ask whoever I wanted anyways regardless of my feminism. I know this. But it's a choice I've made to not participate in. I've always understood the situation of who-asks-who as a personal opinion. Personally for me, I just don't. 

Being a feminist is important to me because of the ideal of intellectual equality, not petty high school dances. Feminism is irrelevant here. My friends have even expressed that they don't understand my viewpoints, so why would it be wise for them to use it as a defense for them letting me down? 

This wasn't said to me to give me hope or remind me of where I stand, this was said to me so they could easily and painlessly brush me off. It was said to me as an excuse as to why they couldn't follow through with being good friends. Ouch. 

To them, this meant "Parrish doesn't have to be treated the same as us. Parrish doesn't have to be treated as well as us. She's a feminist so it doesn't hurt her if she doesn't get asked or if we don't hold our promises."

This logic was airtight to them. Ouch. 

So. I will not be going to homecoming this year. Which really, not a big loss. At all. But the circumstances of my not attending certainly leave something to be desired. 

Although this may be read like a whiny high school girl, and yes, admittedly, I may be letting off some steam, what I really want to be taken away from in this tale is that people don't understand feminism. It kind of half breaks my heart and half scares me that young women will be entering college soon without knowing any basic information about a major issue that surely will affect them. 

I'm pretty sure this story will find zero relevance, but it was something I felt compelled to write. Thanks for always understanding that this is my corner. This is my electronic bookshelf of memories. This is where I can share what I feel compelled to write...because I'm a feminist ; )

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey! I Wanna Get Better!

I have been consistently sick this September with a nightmarish cough and scratchy throat. I don't know why I didn't take their smoking and screamo warnings more seriously (that's not the reason). 
This picture makes no sense with what I'm talking about, or probably anything I could ever talk about. 

Anyways. Here are two songs that pretty accurately expresses my feels...and a Taylor Dosey quote that I just thought of and I CANNOT WAIT FOR GILMORE GIRLS TO COME TO NETFLIX! Now back to our regularly scheduled post (pssht yeah right. Like I have a post schedule. Clearly not post number two of September..).

"Pain is your body's way of saying 'I'm not okay now, but I will be soon.' " -Taylor Dosey

Bleachers- I Wanna Get Better
Regina Spektor- Better

Sunday, September 21, 2014

As a Young Girl. Louis Vuitton.

I did a culture project in French class about three famous French people and Louis Vuitton was one of the people I chose (Jean Dujardin and Julie Delpy were the other two FYI). Unfortunately, Louis Vuitton, the man from the 1800s has exactly one picture of himself. 
I put the picture in my PowerPoint multiple times gallery style because sometimes life gives you obstacles and you have to work through them with your creativity. I think this situation specifically happened to Hilary Clinton as well and this is what her book is about.
Well, it struck me while looking at all of these copies of the same picture, that Louis Vuitton and Nick Offerman might as well be twins. Or prehaps time travelers, it's unclear. THEN, I saw a picture of Zach Galifanakis looking like Louis Vuitton. Insanity. Check it out. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wear this.

Hopefully, you know who I'm talking about when you hear me say Rachel Antonoff. 
Best friend of Mae Whitman and older sister to Jack Antonoff so basically sister-in-laws with Lena Dunham. She's in the group of famous people I'd like to be a part of if I had any fame. Follow her on Insta. 

What this is really about is not a promotion for her social media, but instead the delight I take in her clothing descriptions. Rachel is a fashion designer of quirky clothes that I can only dream of affording. 

Many times, when you buy a clothing item, you stick it in your closet and then have to contemplate what the purpose of buying it was and where are you ever going to wear that again anyways? Well, luckily, Rachel was thinking one step ahead of us and all of her clothes instruct you exactly with what they should be used for. 

"Wear this over your bathing suit and get hella numbers at the beach."
"Wear this and play Mash with your coworker."
"Wear this on a chilly night at the beach while eating lobster."
"Wear this to a fancy restaurant and see what the reaction is."
"Wear this while cleaning your apartment."
"Join a softball league and wear this to practice. Cut off the sleeves if you get hot."

Love it. Thanks for the help, Rachel. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lack-of-Labor Day.

I spent my day by seeing three movies (amongst other things) and they were delightful. 

1. Boyhood. 
Richard Linklater
I had actually already seen this at Cine, a week or two ago, but it was so incredible that I wanted to see it in theaters once more.

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Wes Anderson
I went to Barnes and Noble this morning to spend a coupon and came out with a movie I hadn't gotten around to see yet. Trusting that it would be good, I bought it with 3 different discounts and watched it when I got home from Boyhood. It was so beautiful. And really funny. I loved the attention to clean lines that this film produced. Such a big fan.

3. Magic in the Moonlight.
Woody Allen
Emma Stone. Colin Firth. 1920s. South of France. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Classy Driving.

I'm considering wearing a headscarf in my car. I would feel like an old Hollywood starlet, and I'm sick of my hair blowing around when my windows are down (aka every time I drive except on the way to school in the morning). 

What do you think? Could see me and Franz breezing down the road to my indie tunes? We'd be quite a sight, but we kind of already are because we're so cute. ;)
I think I'd also enjoy driving gloves and round sunglasses. I would break my hatred of sunglasses for the sake of the dynamite headscarf combo. 

P.S. I get my six months on Thursday which means I can legally drive people outside of my family! Wahoo! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Obsession With Ezra Koenig and A Julia Nunes Cover For Flavour.

Happy Wednesday. I'm incredibly busy with homework but will try my hardest to get to real posts about real things soon! Here's what I've been jammin' to!
This is actually just incredibly sax-y to me. 
She is so amazing. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Best Friend Called Socks.

Wall of Happy Socks I found in a cute store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this summer. 
I am a long time supporter of socks. We share an intense mutual love. I ask for socks legitimately every year and it's typically my most used item. I get ridiculously excited for socks. Here are two brands that I'm head over heels for (get it?) that I am always wishing I had! HINT: Always a good go to gift for me. 

Happy Socks are often very random and cool. I could definitely see myself wearing them with rolled jeans and booties. Adorable. Bonus: They're all designed in Sweden which make them like 45 times cooler. 

I could see myself enjoying these thoroughly.  

Personal fav. 

Party socks. 

Bonne Maison is another totally rad sock shoppe that I ran up on (get it?) somehow! They have collections called "Stories" and "Stories Ending" which are the socks going out of season/stock. All of les chaussettes are made en France. These socks are uber classy. Be still my heart. 
Love love love these called "Hunting Scene"
Another favourite called "Marquis"
These look painted and I can't even handle it. 
These are so me!