Saturday, January 4, 2014

6 Miles Deep.

Last night I concluded my Netflix marathon with the movie "Submarine". I was very unsure about the film because the commercial looked strange and because Ben Stiller was an executive producer. I had almost no expectations for this one--actually I did, I expected that I would be so disgusted or so board that I would exit out of it without making it to the first 30 minutes. However, I was wrong. 

This was such a classic Parrish movie. The dialogue was quirky and dry (I love you British humor!) and the set was gorgeous (hey Whales). Everyone had an accent and it overall reminded me of my tumblr. There was an acute Summer Finn-ness to the film.

Something that I thought was done really well was the sound. The music themes were perfect and all the lyrical songs were done by Alex Turner (lead singer, guitarist, and writer for the Arctic Monkeys). Overall, the soundtrack only has six songs, but it's these six songs that I cannot stop listening to. Not only did the music help carry the film, so did the silences. The director used lack of sound to demonstrate the anguish of some scenes and the awkward suspense of others. Brilliant. 

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