Monday, January 13, 2014


I know this blog has kind of turned into "what is Parrish crushing on lately" and for that I'm sorry. But in my (pathetic) defense it's kind of an escape or a way to daydream. I'm always scouting out cute and nifty things to have an enjoyable procrastination. 

Want to see what's got me captivated this time?
All of these items are from SHOPPE, an outstanding website for independent artisans. It's like an online Indie Craft Parade. Therefore, I'm obviously in love.

Via Prectia Valley, San Francisco:

Via Centennial Village, Nashville

Via Ann Arbor, Michigan

Via Gramercy, New York

So cute! It also has a lot of things I've seen pinned on Pinterest that leaves you going, where can I get that?! And the answer is Shoppe. Welcome to your new addiction.

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