Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Mix.

I did some crazy embarrassing dance moves with my friend Walt. 

I decided to go to the Mix this past weekend with our church. The Mix is a local church retreat/event for all participating churches in our community. I honestly had incredibly low expectations and was very hesitant to attend. However, I ended up having a blast! It wasn't that the actual service was "just what I needed" but the opportunity to hang out with my church friends all weekend was stellar. 
My friend and I wearing choir robes with Jack Sparrow because that's just how are church is. :)

Because our church is downtown, we opted to all stay together at the church while the regular protocol is to have members of the church volunteer to host the guys and another to host the girls. I liked staying at the church though, because we basically had a double lock in and we were able to spend our free time together! Our church's youth ministry is called "ONE" and it was neat to be able to incorporate that further. 

Also, because we have the sickest youth room in the world, we got to hang our ENOs from the ceiling. We ended up hanging 17 hammocks! We also played a ton of fuseball, Madden Football, Basketball, Ping-Pong, and even a 10th grade v. 8th grade sprite pong (beer pong with sprite) tournament, not to mention the pool we played when we went to dinner Friday. The pro. sound system in our room had us jamming all weekend long as well! We had it going BOOMING with rap at one point and someone came downstairs to tell us that we were shaking the upstairs where a women's retreat was being held. :/ haha
During an extended free time on Saturday, the Mix put out an Instagram Challenge where you had to Imitate different things they said. We had some pretty stinkin amazing set ups but none of them won. Which was particularly lame because the things that won were all of our ideas, but not as well done. Also, we had a cardboard cut out of Jack Sparrow in all of ours. Seriously, how'd we not win?


IMITATE A SCENE FROM THE HUNGER GAMES. I was Katniss, whatever.. haha

IMITATE AN OLYMPIC SPORT. We had a kid in a cooler for bobsledding and we were the track. 


IMITATE A DAY AT THE BEACH. This one is a little tricky to sea (dat pun) because it's panoramic, but we have everything from mermaids to spring-breakers to Jack Sparrow's boat and a lifeguard.
A lot of random hilarious things happened as well like a group of kids going to Starbucks with two college interns, seeing one of the college intern's friends and then calling him Dad followed by "he's a donor". BEST YOUTH GROUP EVER. 

On Saturday night we partied hard. We went to a dark Sunday School room in the church and played a game called 'Body Body'. (If you're not familiar, you all are wandering in the dark room with the lights off and one person is picked to be the murderer. The murderer walks around and picks victims by tapping them on the shoulder where they respond by silently dropping dead on the ground. When someone stumbles into them, they scream "BODY BODY!", the lights turn on, and the still living group votes on who they think the murderer is.) It was extremely fun and somewhat terrifying. This part terror part comedy thing was amplified when one of the interns (our newly appointed donor-Dad to be specific) would grab baby dolls in the dark and hold them in people's faces until a body was found and the lights turned on. Genius. Later we put the baby dolls in people's hammocks while they were sleeping. It's really just whatever really. :)
Some were cooler with it than others. This is my youth pastor who apparently cuddles with whatever you put in his Eno. 

Our "dad' exclaimed "this baby has an 'A' on its onsie. HASHTAG PLL! Yeah I watch that" upon finding the baby doll during Body Body and so we sent him the above snapchat the next day while we were supposed to be in choir. 

Lastly, I am all nifty and stuff so I hung my hammock over a giant bean bag so that I could literally roll and flop out of bed the next day. Here's me trying it out for the first time. I swear it was so much smoother when I woke up the next time. 
It was one of the best weekends I'd had in a while. :)

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