Friday, February 28, 2014

BIG v. little.

 These pictures are from Valentines Day. Charlie, Mom, and I paid a visit up to deliver cookies to cousins, aunts, and cousin dogs. 

 It's always a treat getting to see Finn, but getting to see he and Charlie together is even better! Cutest cousins ever!

My hair looks awesome here, just wanted to make sure you noticed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 This is a picture that my friend's mom got of me at a band thing in Atlanta. I love it. My band experience is a lot of me and the people around me making smart comments and/or quoting things. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shaking my Knees with Excitement for Shaky Knees.

I cannot wait for May! The Shaky Knees Music Festival in Hotlanta is going to be a blast! Many of the bands I have been yearning to see. Here's a preview of what I am most excited about:

Friday-The National
Saturday-Modest Mouse
           Cold War Kids
          Gregory Alan Isakov
           Apache Relay
          Packway Handle Band
Sunday-Alabama Shakes
           Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
           Local Natives
           Trampled by Turtles
          Iron & Wine
          Deer Tick
         Kopecky Family Band

Friday, February 21, 2014

Polar Vortex Take Two.

Last week was insane. We had an impromptu week-long break because of the snow...well, mostly the snow, the first day was prematurely called and we had a day out because it rained. What's next? School canceled for an overcast sky?
Zach sent me this. 
Anyways, I went to the Miners to wait out the three day storm. (Because apparently Emily and I can't survive a snow day without each other haha.)

On the road again. 
 On the first day, Emily, Zach, Abby, and I reveled in the dippin-dots like snow by sledding, lugging, and snowboarding down the driveway on a skim board and cookie sheets. Later, maybe on the second day even, Emily and I walked to a nearby neighborhood to see our friends Sara, Jordan, and Caylee. On our way back home (we went the long way on the way there) on the main road, we decided to explore a little patch of bamboo we spotted that was weighted down from the snow. Little did we know that it was a portal to Asia. It was so thick and tall and went on way further than we expected. It was SO neat to find that little-known secret nature spot. And all covered in snow! Just gorgeous!

 We would always pick up the icicles hanging down and eat them like Popsicles. yum! 
My eyelashes are stealing the show. 
 The last day of the week, or maybe not, it doesn't matter- after everything already mentioned on a new day, one of Zach and Emily's friends walked over form the neighborhood we visited the previous day. Our plan was to walk to the QT on the end of the street at an intersection to meet with another friend! However, we arrived a lot earlier (before the other friend even left his house...) so we just kept walking. We ended up walking all the way to his house. In the snow. In rainboots. Up hills. 
Walking to QT.
4.6. Let me say that again 4.6 (for the record, those numbers would be capitalized if it were possible, use your imagination) MILES later, we decided to just chill at Wesley's instead of heading back another 4.6 miles to the Miners. Good call. We watched an obscure Olympic hockey game and played with their new husky puppy. After a little while, Cullen's dad came to get us (THANK THE LORD FOR CULLEN'S DAD DRIVING US BACK!) and we had yummy lunch back at home base. 

Emily and I took much deserved showers while the guys shoveled the drive. We were all exhausted so we settled in to watch "Psych" and later "House at the End of the Street" which I mocked to no end. After that I left. And that is the story of snow week February 2014.

Not included: Emily and I upholding tradition and making cookies and a Psych marathon provided by Netflix. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who's Your Olympic Crush?

At the Vancouver Winter Games, Shaun White was the Olympic crush of everyone. Who is your Olympic Crush this year? For me it's Charlie White, obviously. But don't worry Shaun, we still love you too. 
 In other Olympic crush news, have you heard what Nick Goepper is doing? (Oh yeah, I guess go ahead and add Nick Goepper to my list too.) The 19-year-old bronze medalist is going to pick one girl from either Instagram or Twitter who uses the hashtag #IWantToDateNick to go on a date. He will fly the girl out to wherever he's training and take her dinner basically. It makes him sound like a real tool. But what a story that'd be for the grandkids right? haha.

And lastly, check out Jimmy Fallon's newest request for #OlympicPickUpLines. Too good. Zach, Emily, and I came up with "hey girl, are you a ski jumper because you jumped right into my heart" but others are awesome like "hey there, I have a completed hotel room". 
Happy Olympics!

(P.S. I seriously meant to post this on Tuesday but I haven't been on the internet since last weekend! So sorry!)

Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentine's Day is the most uncomfortable day for single people, people in relationships, EVERYONE ON THE EARTH. It is such an awkward day for everyone. It's like national unwanted confrontation/self-pity day. So instead of feeling all of those things, here's some funny Valentine's for you to distract yourself form this extremely cringe worthy spotlighting it...