Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snapchat Stalking.

We all do it. We love to take pictures of other people and send it to them through their Snapchat with a caption along the lines of "I see you" or "I watch you while you sleep". It's very strange actually. What's that about? 

Here's what I really want to know though, how you handle that? Whenever I get a snapchat of me, I screenshot it. I like to see what others are putting out there of me and how I look through their eyes. It's strange and probably incredibly vein sounding, but that's just what I do. Sometimes, I even end up with some real gems, or a moment has been captured perfectly. 
I love this from Freshman Year. It may not be a snapchat though come to think of it.

No. STUD-ying/stu-DYING.


workin' hard on Canterbury Tales. 

Thanksgiving 2013.

Me being frustrated and annoyed per usual in honors chemistry last semester.

Who makes the crepes? Girls make the crepes. 

I was actually being called lame for not wearing rain boots.

I'm hot then I'm cold

study dat Bible

worst angle ever. Please don't judge me. 

Gymnastics meet!
ENO laughs

Oh brother.

making the word basic happen more then fetch.

we made those store bought looking cookies and we couldn't be prouder!


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