Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who's Your Olympic Crush?

At the Vancouver Winter Games, Shaun White was the Olympic crush of everyone. Who is your Olympic Crush this year? For me it's Charlie White, obviously. But don't worry Shaun, we still love you too. 
 In other Olympic crush news, have you heard what Nick Goepper is doing? (Oh yeah, I guess go ahead and add Nick Goepper to my list too.) The 19-year-old bronze medalist is going to pick one girl from either Instagram or Twitter who uses the hashtag #IWantToDateNick to go on a date. He will fly the girl out to wherever he's training and take her dinner basically. It makes him sound like a real tool. But what a story that'd be for the grandkids right? haha.

And lastly, check out Jimmy Fallon's newest request for #OlympicPickUpLines. Too good. Zach, Emily, and I came up with "hey girl, are you a ski jumper because you jumped right into my heart" but others are awesome like "hey there, I have a completed hotel room". 
Happy Olympics!

(P.S. I seriously meant to post this on Tuesday but I haven't been on the internet since last weekend! So sorry!)

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  1. My Olympic Crushes are Charlie because he's perfect and Joss Christianson! I'll write a post about my Olympic dream boys :)


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