Monday, March 10, 2014

A Love Letter.

A couple of weeks ago, my best friends and I went out to dinner to celebrate one of our favorite people visiting town. As we were sitting at the Mushroom (Mellow Mushroom of course) I was overcome freshly with how blessed I am to know each of the people in my company. 

Those kids in the featured picture mean the world to me (and one more fellow not able to make it!). We've been going to church together since preschool (most of us) but it took us until 6th or 7th grade to form a friendship. It's strange and beautiful the way things work out. 

We go to six different schools and span across three or four counties. I would not know these people (welllllll, with the exception of the one who is my beloved cousin) if it weren't for our church and our somehow randomly ending up together. 

I love these people with everything in my heart. Go appreciate your friends today. 

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