Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthday Coverage (Finally)!

Charlie woke my up with the first gift of the day tied around his collar. 

Sorry that this has taken so long! My weeks have been busy and nonstop! I know this was kind of a while ago, but I can't not devote a post to this. 

I was not really looking forward to my birthday because birthday's are not really my thing. But this year was awesome! I had a chill day at school and then Mom and Dad (tried to) surprise me! 

 I kind of guessed that we'd be going out of town for my birthday dinner somewhere and had hoped that we would meet up with you and Pip, but I was little too afraid to ask, and surprises can be fun for everyone involved so I didn't want to have it spoiled just as much as they didn't want to have it spoiled. 

It was a surprise though that Dad drove us to Emily's where we picked her up to come along! Yay! We then headed up to Atlantic Station for Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro (which I love, and thought I picked but was actually part of the plan all along) and Jenni's Ice Cream! It was really really sweet that you remembered that I liked those two places even though we had never been there together before!

At dinner, I opened up mostly doll sized items that represented what I was going to receive. It was so fun and creative and added that extra "game show" element I'm always longing for (haha). 

I LOVE my gifts and am so thankful for an awesome family who knows how to shop. haha. But seriously, I was blown away. There were some things I really wanted but never expected to get (here's to you camera and Hunter boots) and it was uber touching that y'all went the distance for me. 

 At Jenni's we all appreciated the world's best craft ice cream together and had a quick photo shoot because that building is the coolest (pun).

Thanks so much! I love and miss you Raisin!

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