Thursday, March 20, 2014

Skate. Don't Hold the Wall.

My Venture Crew went ice skating last Friday. We had a blast! We'd make up little games to do while skating like follow the leader dancing and races-duh. We also did our best to be pros, some more pro then others. 

I also was dared to go up to the "skate helper" or whatever. He was this little guy who looked like a Leprechaun and was just like super weird. My friends dared me to go ask him how to backward skate. We ended up all going over to where he was (the guys fake falling hilariously) and got his attention. We asked him if he would teach us and kept showing off. Then he made us all group huddle and like ripped his yellow vest and jacket away from the middle of his chest and said (I kid you not) "My game? Hockey. My name? Brandon."

He didn't really tell us how to do anything but made us watch him skate around until we just kind of left. What a night. 

I love ice skating every time I go and I try my best to pick up a new trick whenever I go. I have decided that, if possible, I want to take an adult skating class when I'm older. Add that to the bucket list. 

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