Monday, April 28, 2014


I need a job so so so badly. I'm a little snobby about the places I want to work but I have submitted a few applications. What really frustrates me about applying to jobs is that almost everything is done online! How can they know what a charming and hardworking person I am if I fill in an online application that indicates no prior experience? Yeah. That doesn't look good. 

Hopefully something will work (hehe). Prayers are appreciated. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Golf Car.

My car is here. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I love it! It is the perfect size and such a little Parrish vehcile! I was so excited to finally be driving a Parrish car and not a Brooker car *cough cough Honda accord* or Mason motor *cough cough big*** truck* or even a Raisin ride...

It is petit and European and the trunk has a surprising amount of room (enough for a body! nothing weird. I lied down in the trunk, don't read anything strange into this)! 

His name is David Franz Boos Lindhagen. I mean obviously. David Lindhagen of course comes from "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and Franz Boos was a German explorer...because my car is going to be doing a lot of exploring...also because Boos is funny.  :)

He is a little old and was in the shop on Thursday and much of Friday for minor repairs like tires and oil. He's pretty swell but he does have one major (MAJOR) flaw: he has no CD player! Dad said he's going to take care of it though! (Phew!)

Along with getting a CD player, I plan on applying hip bumper stickers at the right time and purchasing a vintage German car tag for the front (he's gotta remember where he came from ya know? Like North Carolina where we bought him. haha).

The good news is that I've come up with so many good puns about it. For instance, it's my golf car which sounds just like golf cart. Also I call the interior the golf club because it's a party and an equipment/clubhouse joke. There is also a story that Golf used to stand for "Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden" which I joked would be my ride policy. *wink* 

I can't wait for you to meet him and for Franz and Lars to be best friends!

Til You Just Can't Give No More.

I love this Yeasayer song "Tightrope" that is on my "Dark Was the Night" CD. What do you think? 

(It's so much fun to imitate his voice while singin' and drivin')

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To Be Smooth.

I've always thought that I was pretty smooth with the fellas. When I was little, most of my friends were guys and I've never understood the big fuss over cooties. That being said, I'm so much further from smooth then I had imagined. 

There may or may not be a gentleman that has caught my eye. I have no clue what to say around him though! All my attempts at flirting are awkward yet comedic-ally golden. For instance:

I saw him walking in the hallway and was like 'oh hey. I should maybe say something' but of course, I never know what to say as aforementioned. I had a piece of clear scotch tape on my finger and thought-for some reason-'this is my in'. 
I was walking a few paces in front of he and his friend so I turned around, shyly, pathetically, and offered him the tape.
"Do you want this tape?"

"No. Why?" 
"Umm. It's really...smooth...on my finger." (I knew I lost it here -even though I never actually had it- and didn't make eye contact any longer)
"No." (actual confused. Like he actually thinks I'm insane.)
"Okay bye." (I dart into my classroom.)

At first I had the attitude of utter embarrassment and then I got to thinking about how bizarre and hilarious it was. C'est la vie. Better luck next time. 

Instead of being smooth like I'd thought, I'm a lot more timid and uncomfortable, like the slightly frantic child in the picture. Of course she probably has more way more game then I'll ever have as long as I use tape to woe the boys. 

(Note: this is meant to be humorous and not 'poor me'. I think it's hilarious and hope you do too. Also, notice I excluded the kind boy's name. But of course, if he reads this, he'll knows who he is because I seriously doubt anyone else has ever used this tactic. Creativity points perhaps? haha)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pinterest Favourites.

Here are some of my favourite boards that I've run across on Pinterest. They are inspiring and bright and I thought I'd share. 

"People of the World" // B A I L E Y

"Color Crush" // Erin Godbey

"The Everyday" // Megan Gilger

"Shop Things" // Hanneke Schutte

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Frances Haliday in Waiting.

Some days feel chaotic and strewed. I feel like I'm just kind of bumping through life and no one is getting my humor. It's odd and hazy. On these days I come home, stare at my bedroom carpet, and think about what a mess I have the potential of becoming. 
I feel like Frances from "Frances Ha" just waiting to happen. "What will I do with my life? Where will I end up?" Everything is foggy and distant and flustering. Although I love quoting Frances and love the film even more, she is not someone I aspire to be. Her bouncing from place to place and haunting the city seem charming, but in actuality would be terrifying. Nevertheless, that's almost exactly where I realistically see myself in 10 years. 
 Ah. The days until I float around cities myself drag on and on while in the meantime I can't decide if it's a curse or a blessing. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


I went to DC for the beginning of spring beak with the band. We had a great time. Here's some photographs from my camera, Betsy. 
Mean nuggin in Union Station
Cutest picture ever. Also we made Jacob carry all our jackets and he sometime would carry my purse because he felt and looked like Jim Halpert with his satchel. 
Jacob got this cup that says "Someone who loves you very much got this cup for you in Washington" for Ms. Sanders.
Dinner cruise/Booze Cruise 
Photoshop of Obama in the middle to come.
Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom!
I took this pro artsy pic. Whatevs.
We strolled through a modern art garden and I became obsessed with this silver metal tree. 
There's always a train coming.
My group got a little tired of museums and we hung out on the lawns and listened to music.
The boys wore their party beads ever since they received them on the dinner cruise as a joke saying "the party never stops"
Sara eating a fake sandwich. 
Saxophone girls.