Friday, April 11, 2014

Busch Gardens.

On the way up to DC with the band, we stopped at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. 
My friends Sara, Jacob, Isaac, and sometimes Graham and I had so much fun! Jacob, Sara, and I rode all the coasters and Isaac reluctantly did too. However, he screamed like a little girl on all the rides! haha. 
Pictures of us laughing about the best picture ever. 
Relaxin' on a boat ride.
Phone booth.  
Busch Gardens has a lot of animals like a part mini zoo and my friends and I thought it'd be funny to instagram all of the animals with a free[insert pet name here] hashtag. What a hoot. 
Cool and composed on coasters. 

Everyone got one meal voucher for lunch or dinner in the park. We had lunch at a classic park food place in "England". For dinner we planned on eating in "France". When we finally walked across the park to the French area, we discovered there was not much to eat there. All of the good food seemed to be in "Germany" which of course, too far away to be able to eat and get back in time. We decided to go to a little fake pub in "Ireland" right next to where we needed to be. The place was called "Grogans" and when we got was freakin' CLOSED. We sat down outside the building and just screamed at Grogans for being closed. No joke. Low point of my trip because we had to eat at that same kind of gross place. Stupid Grogans. I hate you. 

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