Friday, April 18, 2014

Golf Car.

My car is here. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I love it! It is the perfect size and such a little Parrish vehcile! I was so excited to finally be driving a Parrish car and not a Brooker car *cough cough Honda accord* or Mason motor *cough cough big*** truck* or even a Raisin ride...

It is petit and European and the trunk has a surprising amount of room (enough for a body! nothing weird. I lied down in the trunk, don't read anything strange into this)! 

His name is David Franz Boos Lindhagen. I mean obviously. David Lindhagen of course comes from "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and Franz Boos was a German explorer...because my car is going to be doing a lot of exploring...also because Boos is funny.  :)

He is a little old and was in the shop on Thursday and much of Friday for minor repairs like tires and oil. He's pretty swell but he does have one major (MAJOR) flaw: he has no CD player! Dad said he's going to take care of it though! (Phew!)

Along with getting a CD player, I plan on applying hip bumper stickers at the right time and purchasing a vintage German car tag for the front (he's gotta remember where he came from ya know? Like North Carolina where we bought him. haha).

The good news is that I've come up with so many good puns about it. For instance, it's my golf car which sounds just like golf cart. Also I call the interior the golf club because it's a party and an equipment/clubhouse joke. There is also a story that Golf used to stand for "Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden" which I joked would be my ride policy. *wink* 

I can't wait for you to meet him and for Franz and Lars to be best friends!

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