Thursday, May 8, 2014

We Scare Because We Care.

The motto from Monsters Inc perfectly sums up the motives behind surprise parties. For my friend's 16th birthday, two of my other friends and I planned a surprise party (x2)! 
This poster happened. 

This all happened over Easter weekend so my friend didn't think she would be able to have a spend the night (one friend told her she was working Friday-which she actually had to do- and I said I had a church thing maybe). She went home and hung out with friend, Caylee, while friend, Jordan, and I decorated before Jordan went to work. 
 Sara got picked up by her parents from hanging out with Caylee and Caylee rushed over to Sara's house so that we could be all ready for Sara to discover our surprise! She took forever to come into her room. Caylee and I were squatting on the ground in the dark for almost twenty minutes. I swear that every time we heard her coming up the stairs, she would stop halfway and turn around. Haha. 

We spent the night and the next day we went to six flags! When we got home from six flags, we had arranged for some of our other friends to meet us at a restaurant for a surprise dinner. Double surprise. Scaring because we care. 
It's a weird concept and definitely not for everyone. I have always wanted a surprise party because it's like a way for your friends to show they care. Being on the planning side of that confirmed my theory. All the love that it took to inspire us and work out the details was so evident in how hard we worked. It was crazy trying to make everything line up correctly, but we gladly went wherever we needed to make it happen so that she could know how loved she it. Happy Birthday Sara!

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