Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Epworth 2014!

Epworth was so fun this year (as it always is). There has been a different leader every single year I've been to Epworth so they've all been different. Josh did an awesome job! 

We worked at a house doing yardwork for two days, played Epworth Olympics, left a worship service (haha...uh yeah...), had a luau, beach time, many impromptu dance parties, enos, games, bowling, bus complications, tree climbing, dinner at Mullet Bay, walking around the village, and more! 

Jump on to see the rest!

Jessie waving at her peasants.
Jessie and her Porsche. 
Cartwheel struggles. 
Hosted Epworth Olympics. Whatevs. 
They all reacted differently to the cheerio joke. 
Let the games begin! Here's the water balloon toss. 
Cheering on their team. 
Big Booty! Yes. It's an Olympic sport. 
Egg, chicken, raptor, rock, paper, scissors. 
Malibu Ken loves Epworth. 
Relay life.
Water balloon fight!
Dropped the cooler. 
Got Josh! 
Payne in a pod.  
Jessie wasn't a big fan of Walt above her. 
It's always so beautiful. 
Driving Lessons. 
I brought plenty of extra fun socks for bowling. 
My follow though is what really sets it toward the gutter. 
Does this intimidate you?
Go Travis! 5 strikes in a row!
Madonna and Child. 
God's Story. AKA The Bible...
Beastie Boys. 
We're like fancy Janis! 
"Is that really how you want you're picture taken?"
"Well. Too late."
VB's tongue photobombing. 
Check out that chaco tan on ma foot!
um. k. 
"Whip my hair back and forth"
This was us doing stereotypical 80s aerobics. 
Zack had to poop.
The second tree Anna and I climbed.
A painful and heartfelt goodbye from bus 1 to bus 2.

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