Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hey HeyHey Heyyy.

We went back into the city the next day. Our meeting point all day was outside of 30 Rock. We started off by going to the Today Show (Dad got on and was SO excited. He did not still has not shut up about it). Then we shopped a little and ate lunch at this incredible burger place. After lunch we went on the Top of the Rock. Unfortunately, Jimmy Fallon was not photobombing today. 

Then we got to be in Central Park for like ten minutes before we headed to Hell's Kitchen to sing at Metro Baptist Church. We were supposed to sing for an afterschool program, however, the city of NYC called a half day so we had one kid to sing for and the staff... When we finished our concert, we helped them out by putting together hygiene kits for the homeless and they let us see their rooftop garden! So cool!  

Cool building. 
Made (literally) a friend while waiting on the girls in our group to finish shopping. 
Timberlake hairs are beautiful. 
Rooftop pool how you doin'?
James up front. 
Empire State Hat. 
A local. 
Fiddler on the Roof.
Obsessed with this yellow building all week. 
Rooftop people.
New Yorker!

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