Friday, June 20, 2014

Lady Liberty Lookin' Good TODAY!

We took at fairy from Jersey out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I think enjoyed the views of the city more then the actual tourist islands but of course, I'm still glad we went. Before loading the fairy, the first thing you do is go through security and then wait on the dock. There was a school group of elementary kids going with us and I heard one of their chaperons ask "So what island are we on now?" after they passed security. "Uh.. New Jersey?" I thought. haha. 
Lovely trees award goes to Ellis Island.
This is hardly someone standing on a bench and it kept cracking me up. 
I don't know these men. 
When we circled around to the back of the statue Josh said, "Lady Liberty lookin' good TODAY!" haha. 
Chillin with his girl. 
Wearin' the crown. 
Ah. The city! Ah. My people! Ah. My land! Ah. My empire!
Schramski sandwich :)

After our tours were complete, we went back to the hotel to eat early sandwich dinner and get ready for WICKED!
Team Elfie!
Classic 10th grade pic! (We missed Madeline who was in Europe!)
Action shot. 
The most photogenic girl in the world. 

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