Monday, June 23, 2014


I had a day in between choir tour and camp to get ready for rock climbing! I, of course, loved the fast turn around though because I love being kept busy. 
Many many more pictures and words after the jump!

Outpost was awesome. We had a small group of four girls and two boys and our counselors, Clara and Fish. We drove up to Rocktown on Sunday night, stopping in a country gas station to get pickled eggs, and then set up camp. 

We had terrible rain all week but that's part of why it was so fun oddly. One night, a powerful storm blew through and we all had to sleep on the bus! The boys' camp got soaked but the girls' prevailed! Hazaah! We took the next day off to reset up and nap and be lazy. Then, we all abused the power of the bus (which we did all week) and we went to Sonic! Best counselors ever!
My friend Jack Henry.
My friend Grace. 
Joanne and Grace. 
We found a many snails and slugs. 
Doug gettin' ropes untangled. 
Classic rock picture. 
Fish doing some sketchy repelling.
Little Clara.
We climbed many cool routes and everyone declared I was the weirdest climber they ever saw. haha! It's because I use my legs primarily to situate myself. Gotta use your strengths though!

Getting started is often the hardest part.
Bein' a monkey.
This is what we do when we're not climbing...
My hair photobombed. 
Buns forever.  
Clara and I are basically the same. 
There was a little cave/crack that you could walk in and see the other side! 
Lookin' pro. 
not a race 
Flying monkey.
We found a natural handprint in the rock! Whatttttttt?
My chicken. 
They cute. 
Gotta trace that 8-knot. 
This was surprisingly difficult. 
Accidentally wearing coordinating twin outfits. 
We decorated our bus with wild flowers. 
Last morning. 
We liked to dance. 
Tired out of our minds. 
Awesome week. 

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