Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Success Story.

This rockin poster was above my bed
I just got back form a week in NYC. My group and I rented an apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It was beautiful! It was in a row of old brownstones on a picturesque street. The people who live there are French so all of their books were en Francais! 
 We had two floors and it was for the most part, all very spacious. We also had a little backyard with strung up fairy lights. On the last night (the 4th!) we sat outside listening to music and distant fireworks while we sat in enos and climbed a rope ladder up to the second floor fire-escape porch. We continued to climb up the fire escape to the roof of the complex. It was magic. 

I loved our little house that had an adorable bar on the corner and made us feel like such trendy locals (I got asked for directions TWICE)! 

I'm pretty sure staying in AirBnB homes is addicting because I can't wait to try it out again. 

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