Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Barnard. Columbia. Julliard. NYU.

Our second day involved a lot of subway rides and walking (but at least we had fresh clothes!). In the morning we got our picture on the Met steps like in Gossip Girl, then we went to the MoMA for about 20 minutes. I really enjoyed it, but most of the girls did not, so we didn't spend too much time there. 

We got pastries on the street to tie us over because at 1, we went up to West Harlem to work in the food bank until 3:30. We ate at an amazing Italian place right around the corner then went to check out COLUMBIA!
 From there we tried to go Julliard, but they're very private, so we just walked around Lincoln Center a little. We got to see where the New York Philharmonic plays and where the New York Ballet performs! I looked across the street and what was there? The Empire Hotel, like, again, in Gossip Girl. Swoon. 

 We rounded out our college tour by poking around NYU! We went to the bookstore, strolled campus, and ended up in Washington Square Park. I'm so in love. Oh boy...
 We took the F back to Brooklyn where we ordered pizza. All the girls ran out to CVS for errands and then to pick up the pizza in the neighborhood. We ended the day by watching a few episodes of Gossip Girl. 

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