Friday, July 11, 2014

Brooklyn Based,

The only thing we had scheduled today was to go to the 9/11 memorial museum. It started to lightly drizzle so there was an option to go home on the subway and chill a little (aka Gossip Girl, duh) or walk home in the light rain across the Brooklyn Bridge. I opted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, obviously. 

We took a little lunch break where we ate leftovers from the week. Once we felt rejuvenated and the rain had stopped, we went over to Williamsburg to check out Bedford Avenue and "the hip Brooklyn scene". It was outstanding. I so love it. Everytime I looked around I was like "I belong here!"  
We went boutique shopping and I found a whole wall of Happy Socks! Eek! Heaven!
Fourth of July spirit. 
We wandered on down to DUMBO to eat at Shake Shack, because what's more American? We found an adorable little picnic area near live music with strung lights and it was just beautiful. The weather was perfect and the world seemed so uncomplicated at that moment. 

After we finished and had had enough of dancing in the streets, we walked down to the East River to find a place for watching fireworks. 

This little girl had beautiful hair, so I took a creeper picture. 
When we got back to the house, our leaders were so tired, so most of us girls just went out to our back patio and listened to music and then...we climbed up the fire escape....past our levels....and up the ladder to the roof! It was such a special moment! We got to see extra fireworks too! 
This was such a laid back day. I loved it! We were able to explore and be more free! Wheeee!

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