Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can We Go To The Highline?

Our morning started off with a ferry ride to Liberty Island. We walked up in the pedestal, took a few pictures, then headed on to Ellis Island. 
We didn't spend too long here either really. Two girls and I spent our time outside soaking up the beautiful sun and breezes. Our next activity was to go to the Highline Park in Chelsea. We had a joke going in with one of our leaders that we really wanted to go to the Highline, but she wouldn't let us even though she wanted to go too. Weird joke, but it was good comic relief to beg her to take us there even though we were already going. Weird joke I guess. 
Anyways. Hgihline Park was my favourite thing we did probably. It reminded me of Greenville. It was so happy and adorable and so so so ascetically pleasing!
At the 16th street entrance (we walked the whole park), food vendors and little shops are set up in shade! I got the best pork tacos of my life from Taco Truck and authentic gelato from L'Arte Del Gelato! (I also got a Highline pin for my bookbag cause you know how I be.)
Chelsea, if you didn't already know, is the coolest. It's an incredibly creative area and you can see that in all of the playful and whimsical architecture. I couldn't stop taking pictures!

After Highline, we found our way to Canal St for some boutique shopping and then into Little Italy and Chinatown. We ate Chinese for dinner and I had really good pork and cabbage dumplings. We hurried back to the Subway to our apartment to beat a storm and settled in to watch, you guessed it, Gossip Girl. 

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