Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clara Goes to Athens.

 I drove up to Dahlonega Saturday to see Clara a last time before she goes back to Virginia! We had lunch then went to a cool hippie store where she bought her rad shirt from the pictures. 
 It was Clara's last weekend in Georgia and she had never made it Athens, so we figured today was the day. We went to the giant Goodwill to look for treasures then by the house to get my camera and downtown to wander!

We made a quick stop in Half Moon Outfitters to see if Will was working (he wasn't) then went to Cillie's consignment store where I got adorable shoes and Wuxtry Records, Jackson Street books, and Pitaya. We soon found ourselves at Insomnia Cookies where we both got custom ice cream sandwiches which were impeccable. We ate them on North Campus while doing a little people watching and a lot of talking.

 There was a wedding going on at the UGA chapel which was neat and we saw the bride and groom ringing the bell together. Awww
We washed our sticky ice cream hands off in the fountain, found tall grass to adventure in, met a nice statue, and climbed trees. 
  We ate Mellow Mushroom in Gainesville (Clara's first Mellow Mushroom EVER) on the way back up to Dahlonega. I actually got in a bit of trouble for not watching the time. I was supposed to be back in Athens, having returned Clara to Dahlonega, by 7 but we were still in Athens together around 6...
I ended up spending the night with her up at camp which ended up being a blessing for us to have a little more time together. I uploaded a lot of music on her computer for her to remember me (ha). Of course, it was stupid that I didn't pay attention to the rules and got myself in that messy situation. It worked out this time, but I know it may not always. 
All in all. A fantastic day. We kept re-freaking out about how excited we were to be spending time with each other! She's the coolest and I look forward to getting creative about how to stay in touch. :)

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