Monday, July 7, 2014

Greenbird's Too Awkward, She'll Never Join the Cirque.

Last week I went back to New York with my Girl Scout Troop. We had a lay over in Philly, but our flight got cancelled (!) so we rented a van and drove 2 hours up to our apartment in Brooklyn. We got in at 2 am and went basically straight to bed. We couldn't get our luggage because our final destination was supposed to be LaGuardia so we were stuck without clothes and toiletries. :(
The first day, we went in the city in our travel clothes. Yuck! Our first activity was a trapeze class on Pier 40. We had to trapeze in our travel clothes. Not ideal. Trapeze was amazing though! We learned to swing by our legs, then back-tuck off and then hang by one of our instructors arms! 

After we trapezed, we headed to Central Park and ordered food that we got delivered to the park! The we hit the Top of the Rock. After that, we were worn out and we needed to get our luggage from the airport and return our rental van. 

When we got back to Brooklyn, we found a parking ticket on the van (wah wah). Most of the girls stayed to go to the local grocer and cook dinner but two girls, a leader, and I went to LGA to get the suitcases. One girl's had two giant holes in her bag from the plane! Aye aye aye! 

Anyways, that was day one. 

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