Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not Your Average Girl Scouts.

Wednesday, we had a scheduled meeting to go see the Girl Scout Headquarters. It was kind of funny. We bought random trinkets from the gift shop and took pictures in the museum. They had really good views of the city. The building was 420 on 5th avenue. hehe. oh Girl Scouts! 
Girl Scout president has a bigger then cereal box of cookies in her office.
Not a Yarmulke, but a Daisy hat. 
We changed in the Girl Scout office into our regular clothes and went to Grand Central to try out the secret corridors.
Then we caught a subway to Times Square to go see a matinee of The Lion King! It was so good! I loved how they did the Stampede! 
After the Lion King, we went to Carmines for dinner. We split giant portions of spaghetti and meatballs and chicken parmesan. For dessert we all split a giant ice cream/chocolate treat shaped like a boat and called "The Titanic". It was raining when we got outside and we ducked in to Forever 21 where everyone took hours to scan the never-ending four levels! 

We headed back to Brooklyn and found that our stoop was covered in water and that our downstairs bathtub had back flow water in it! Yuck! We took turns with the okay upstairs shower and watched more Gossip Girl. 

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