Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stop. Stop. What's the Hurrry? Come on Baby Don't You Worry Worry!

Happy 20th birthday dear dear sister. I cannot believe you left me to rot in stupid teenage wasteland; even so, I love you and am so glad you've been blessed with years passed your teens. 
Happy start to your twenties! From what I can tell, it's best to enter this decade of your life without many exploitation-oriented goals (ie 'I better be married by 23 or I'm a doomed spinster' or 'I can't believe I'm not making more then [small salary] and I've been at this for [minimal starting years]). From the outside, it seems like people in their twenties frustrate themselves with fruitless worries about the future, and the present, and the suddenly accelerated way that the future is becoming the present. Don't. 

Don't worry about petty things if you can help it and enjoy where you are in life. 
As a wise Regina Spektor sings, "Today we're younger then we're ever gonna be."
 Think about that. Have fun and good luck navigating the ages everyone weirdly raves about. Take it in so that when it comes time for me to enter this time, you have words for me too.

I love my 20-year-old seester! (yeah this was's cool)

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