Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Classy Driving.

I'm considering wearing a headscarf in my car. I would feel like an old Hollywood starlet, and I'm sick of my hair blowing around when my windows are down (aka every time I drive except on the way to school in the morning). 

What do you think? Could see me and Franz breezing down the road to my indie tunes? We'd be quite a sight, but we kind of already are because we're so cute. ;)
I think I'd also enjoy driving gloves and round sunglasses. I would break my hatred of sunglasses for the sake of the dynamite headscarf combo. 

P.S. I get my six months on Thursday which means I can legally drive people outside of my family! Wahoo! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Obsession With Ezra Koenig and A Julia Nunes Cover For Flavour.

Happy Wednesday. I'm incredibly busy with homework but will try my hardest to get to real posts about real things soon! Here's what I've been jammin' to!
This is actually just incredibly sax-y to me. 
She is so amazing. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Best Friend Called Socks.

Wall of Happy Socks I found in a cute store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this summer. 
I am a long time supporter of socks. We share an intense mutual love. I ask for socks legitimately every year and it's typically my most used item. I get ridiculously excited for socks. Here are two brands that I'm head over heels for (get it?) that I am always wishing I had! HINT: Always a good go to gift for me. 

Happy Socks are often very random and cool. I could definitely see myself wearing them with rolled jeans and booties. Adorable. Bonus: They're all designed in Sweden which make them like 45 times cooler. 

I could see myself enjoying these thoroughly.  

Personal fav. 

Party socks. 

Bonne Maison is another totally rad sock shoppe that I ran up on (get it?) somehow! They have collections called "Stories" and "Stories Ending" which are the socks going out of season/stock. All of les chaussettes are made en France. These socks are uber classy. Be still my heart. 
Love love love these called "Hunting Scene"
Another favourite called "Marquis"
These look painted and I can't even handle it. 
These are so me!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Like I'm Way Out of Bound.

I am so incredibly in love with this Springsteen cover of "I'm Going Down" that Vampire Weekend does! I play the video off of YouTube while I drive and I'm sure I'll cause a wreck soon by trying to sneak peeks. But Ezra's just so swoon worthy. I love how his voice goes up when he says "thank you." Adorable. Enjoy. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Junior Mint.

I had my first three days of Junior Year this past week. It feels completely different and still all the same. It's a uniquely uncomfortable feeling. 
Mom is so adorable. 
I didn't feel like I had any break at all as soon as I stepped into school. It was like things just picked right back up. Drag. Of course, I have new teachers, and I have friends in my classes that I haven't had classes with since middle school, but it already feels like I've been at this for weeks. 
First day pic. 
Socially I feel like I've moved schools in a way. I can tell a difference in Upperclassman and Underclassman which is strange and unexpected. I hardly see anyone I recognize in the hallways and I feel surrounded by small kids who were born in the year 2000. (I mean seriously. What is that?!) It's very odd and gives you an uneasy feeling. As an underclassman, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on a lot of different people in the school in all grades but now it's like they've all left (most have, so that makes sense). I hate not seeing last year's seniors in the hall. :(
Was inspired to start the "Vladimir Pudin' Pudding Company" while listening to NPR on Putin in class. 

Academically, I'm terrified of this year. However, it's also the most determined I've been in a while. I want the colleges I want so badly and I am motivated to work for it hard. I have to remind myself that most of these classes were the next natural step for me even if they have scary titles and standardized tests. I am really going to need to rely on my faith this year and I'm hoping to reach a peace in knowing that it's out of my hands and will work out as planned. Mom always reminds me how insignificant all of this will be in just a few short years. Telling yourself that really lifts the weight from your shoulders and allows you to think more clearly. 
My hilarious friend Tony made this art after our Bananagrams game in Band. 

Anecdotally (clearly not a word, but I kind of had a thing going on sooo...) they repaved our parking lot this summer and they relabeled all of the parking spots incorrectly! Everyone who bought a pass last year has to return their tag and the office has to go through and reassign the tags to the new numbers with the spots we ACTUALLY picked out! What a headache!
Also, our band class is huge! It is so crowded it almost feels claustrophobic even without our instruments, chairs, and stands! There are also like eight sets of siblings in band this year which is kind of neat. 
Rolely Poley Coley at the scrimmage.
Welcome Junior Year. Please treat me well!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mountain Trip.

Last year, my friends and I started a tradition to take a daddy-daughter trip in the Blue Ridge before school starts. One dad couldn't join us, but we still managed to have a ball. 
Petting the mountains. It's fine. 
Up in Blue Ridge we like green. Just kidding. 
I got put in time our from photobombing. 
Dad was actually posing for this. 
 I will say, there was a low point. We were climbing the waterfall, which is totally rad, but then I slipped, dunking my camera in water, and almost falling over the edge! Ah! 
High point: My cat-like reflexes rescuing my headband before going over. Boom!

 There is hope that only the battery was damaged and the body of the camera is fine, but I have to find a battery to borrow to test the theory! Fingers crossed! 
As for now and forever more, no more technology near water for me (you may recall that last year I dropped my phone in the waterfall, but it was totally fine)!