Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mountain Trip.

Last year, my friends and I started a tradition to take a daddy-daughter trip in the Blue Ridge before school starts. One dad couldn't join us, but we still managed to have a ball. 
Petting the mountains. It's fine. 
Up in Blue Ridge we like green. Just kidding. 
I got put in time our from photobombing. 
Dad was actually posing for this. 
 I will say, there was a low point. We were climbing the waterfall, which is totally rad, but then I slipped, dunking my camera in water, and almost falling over the edge! Ah! 
High point: My cat-like reflexes rescuing my headband before going over. Boom!

 There is hope that only the battery was damaged and the body of the camera is fine, but I have to find a battery to borrow to test the theory! Fingers crossed! 
As for now and forever more, no more technology near water for me (you may recall that last year I dropped my phone in the waterfall, but it was totally fine)!

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