Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Best Friend Called Socks.

Wall of Happy Socks I found in a cute store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this summer. 
I am a long time supporter of socks. We share an intense mutual love. I ask for socks legitimately every year and it's typically my most used item. I get ridiculously excited for socks. Here are two brands that I'm head over heels for (get it?) that I am always wishing I had! HINT: Always a good go to gift for me. 

Happy Socks are often very random and cool. I could definitely see myself wearing them with rolled jeans and booties. Adorable. Bonus: They're all designed in Sweden which make them like 45 times cooler. 

I could see myself enjoying these thoroughly.  

Personal fav. 

Party socks. 

Bonne Maison is another totally rad sock shoppe that I ran up on (get it?) somehow! They have collections called "Stories" and "Stories Ending" which are the socks going out of season/stock. All of les chaussettes are made en France. These socks are uber classy. Be still my heart. 
Love love love these called "Hunting Scene"
Another favourite called "Marquis"
These look painted and I can't even handle it. 
These are so me!

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