Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What To-Do? What To-Do?

I made a crazy To-Do List today. I have been wanting to create something for a while and this was way too satisfying. 
This page is full of my loves: Ezra Koenig, Seth Meyers, and David Bowie. 
Of course, I spent a lot of time making it when I could have been doing the things...but let's be honest, I wasn't going to do these tasks in a timely manor anyhow. BUT by making the list jazzy, I was triply motivated to do my chores! Waho! Score right?

This is a picture of Shia LaBeouf with a bag on his head that reads "I am not famous anymore" on top of a mountain of Almonds. 
You should definitely try this next time. 
(All of my clippings were from People magazine. It's so easy to find good material and I'm sure this is considered recycling. Yes?)

On a terribly unrelated note, school starts tomorrow. Yikes!

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