Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lack-of-Labor Day.

I spent my day by seeing three movies (amongst other things) and they were delightful. 

1. Boyhood. 
Richard Linklater
I had actually already seen this at Cine, a week or two ago, but it was so incredible that I wanted to see it in theaters once more.

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Wes Anderson
I went to Barnes and Noble this morning to spend a coupon and came out with a movie I hadn't gotten around to see yet. Trusting that it would be good, I bought it with 3 different discounts and watched it when I got home from Boyhood. It was so beautiful. And really funny. I loved the attention to clean lines that this film produced. Such a big fan.

3. Magic in the Moonlight.
Woody Allen
Emma Stone. Colin Firth. 1920s. South of France. 

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  1. GEEZ I've been dying to see all three of those! What a wonderful way to spend labor day! I'm definitely jealous.


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