Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wear this.

Hopefully, you know who I'm talking about when you hear me say Rachel Antonoff. 
Best friend of Mae Whitman and older sister to Jack Antonoff so basically sister-in-laws with Lena Dunham. She's in the group of famous people I'd like to be a part of if I had any fame. Follow her on Insta. 

What this is really about is not a promotion for her social media, but instead the delight I take in her clothing descriptions. Rachel is a fashion designer of quirky clothes that I can only dream of affording. 

Many times, when you buy a clothing item, you stick it in your closet and then have to contemplate what the purpose of buying it was and where are you ever going to wear that again anyways? Well, luckily, Rachel was thinking one step ahead of us and all of her clothes instruct you exactly with what they should be used for. 

"Wear this over your bathing suit and get hella numbers at the beach."
"Wear this and play Mash with your coworker."
"Wear this on a chilly night at the beach while eating lobster."
"Wear this to a fancy restaurant and see what the reaction is."
"Wear this while cleaning your apartment."
"Join a softball league and wear this to practice. Cut off the sleeves if you get hot."

Love it. Thanks for the help, Rachel. 

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