Thursday, October 16, 2014

Artful Descriptions.

I had an assignment for the intro of my AP Language class that I really loved. Our teacher told us to pick a song, art piece, or story that describes us and then persuade the class for 2-3 minutes about its relevance to our lives. 

This project was actually slightly terrifying because this is asking you to share your vulnerability with your peers. Eek!

I knew I wanted to do a song because deciding to pick a song already said a lot about me. I am very passionate about my music taste and it has been extremely formative to the person I am and continue to grow into. 

I picked the song "Tightrope" by Yesayer (because I picking a movie wasn't an option (heyyyyy Frances Ha)). 

Here's my argument. 

So you're wishing that you never did

All the embarrassing things you've done 
And you're wishing you could set it right (1)
And you're wishing you could stay the night (2)
But then I go again, wishing never solved a problem (3)
If you wanna get it big time, go ahead and get it get it big time (4)

So I think I can solve all my problems by myself (5)
Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind, nevermind (6)
And you think you can solve all your problems by yourself
Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind, nevermind

Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more (7)
Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more

Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more
Oh, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it
Until you just can't give no more

(1) Who doesn't wish this? I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth and saying the wrong thing or offending people I didn't even know were there. Aye aye aye.
(2) I joked with my class that although this could be taken a completely different way, for me it symbolized how I am a night owl and how I typically like to be surrounded by people therefore, I want to stay wherever the people are. (Much like in Frances Ha, "I have trouble leaving places." For real. I'm always the last out of all of my classes.)
(3) My inner conscious is in a consistent battle between realist and dreamer. I have big dreams for myself, but I always check the feasible reality of them so that I don't get too disappointed. 
(4) Because I'm a dreamy-realistic blend, instead of accepting that my goals are too far unattainable, I think about how I can logically take steps towards achieving them. Why not go ahead and get it? This is where my dreamy motives positively influence me to be a go-getter.

(5) I'm a pretty independent problem solver. It's important to me that I form my own opinions because I've tested them and I agree with them and it's something that I can stand up for. Frequently, my opinions differ from those of my family, which adds to my independence.
(6) But of course, even independent people need contact, advice, and help. With much help from my rationality, I know I cannot achieve everything completely on my own so the "nevermind" is the time when I realize this and ask for help. 
I said that this reiterates the idea because it's not a one-time thing. This happens often.
(7) This I took to mean how I always have the best intentions to throw myself completely into an activity or club or event or whatever but after a while, I just get so burned out and discouraged. It's again, a pretty certain pattern as it also happens on the regular.

Your turn! What would you pick? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fanfare for the Common Season.

This season in band, I haven't been as thrilled as normal. I haven't felt in love with it like I had in the past. It's defiantly been a transition year. Obviously, I'm not sure what the transition is transitioning TO quite yet, but I can feel it coming. Maybe I just know that this is a temporary and ultimately short and insignificant piece of my life and that luckily it will soon be drawing to a close. High school. I'm breaking up with you soon. 

Of course, it's not been bad per say. I've been surprised by making a new friend with someone I've been in band with since freshman year. It's all about timing isn't it? Either way, here's some pictures I've found from this season in band. The first few are from band-a-thon, the giant preseason dance party (our theme was uncommon) and the rest are from various games. 
Not pictured, our shopping trip to Goodwill for these garments. 
Whaaat? DIY tramp-stamp jorts?
One of my friends dressed like Al Capone, so the other dressed like his pimp. Slam dunk. 
Pictured is Al Capone and Fidel Castro. 

My shirt says Pet Me. 
Enjoying the game with Benjals. 
  BONUS: Some of my friends looking like a couple and a picture of two friends looking like a gay romance novel

Happy marching. 

That Time Being Called A Feminist Offended Me.

It happened the other day after school. 
The last of my friends was asked to Homecoming. I was happy for her because I knew it's what she wanted to happen and I did have a hand in pushing for the guy to commit, so it was nice to see him follow through. 
1950s Homecoming

It was tough for me to be completely happy for them, though. Just weeks earlier my three friends made a pact "if one of us gets asked, all of us get asked." "This could be fun," I imagined. "If we all got to go together, it could be a really good time." But of course, in the true fashion of teenage girls, as soon as they were all squared away, what would or would not happen to me no longer mattered. 

I didn't want to be a whiny brat, but I was curious if my perspective was considered by them at all. I gently mentioned it, "so y'all are all going together? That'll be fun!" But what I got in response was worse then what I thought would happen. 

With the most naive annoyance in her voice, 

"You're a feminist. You ask someone yourself."

The rest of them crooned their agreement and support of the statement.  

Ouch. This isn't a matter of women empowerment, this is a matter of friendship. I could ask whoever I wanted anyways regardless of my feminism. I know this. But it's a choice I've made to not participate in. I've always understood the situation of who-asks-who as a personal opinion. Personally for me, I just don't. 

Being a feminist is important to me because of the ideal of intellectual equality, not petty high school dances. Feminism is irrelevant here. My friends have even expressed that they don't understand my viewpoints, so why would it be wise for them to use it as a defense for them letting me down? 

This wasn't said to me to give me hope or remind me of where I stand, this was said to me so they could easily and painlessly brush me off. It was said to me as an excuse as to why they couldn't follow through with being good friends. Ouch. 

To them, this meant "Parrish doesn't have to be treated the same as us. Parrish doesn't have to be treated as well as us. She's a feminist so it doesn't hurt her if she doesn't get asked or if we don't hold our promises."

This logic was airtight to them. Ouch. 

So. I will not be going to homecoming this year. Which really, not a big loss. At all. But the circumstances of my not attending certainly leave something to be desired. 

Although this may be read like a whiny high school girl, and yes, admittedly, I may be letting off some steam, what I really want to be taken away from in this tale is that people don't understand feminism. It kind of half breaks my heart and half scares me that young women will be entering college soon without knowing any basic information about a major issue that surely will affect them. 

I'm pretty sure this story will find zero relevance, but it was something I felt compelled to write. Thanks for always understanding that this is my corner. This is my electronic bookshelf of memories. This is where I can share what I feel compelled to write...because I'm a feminist ; )