Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fanfare for the Common Season.

This season in band, I haven't been as thrilled as normal. I haven't felt in love with it like I had in the past. It's defiantly been a transition year. Obviously, I'm not sure what the transition is transitioning TO quite yet, but I can feel it coming. Maybe I just know that this is a temporary and ultimately short and insignificant piece of my life and that luckily it will soon be drawing to a close. High school. I'm breaking up with you soon. 

Of course, it's not been bad per say. I've been surprised by making a new friend with someone I've been in band with since freshman year. It's all about timing isn't it? Either way, here's some pictures I've found from this season in band. The first few are from band-a-thon, the giant preseason dance party (our theme was uncommon) and the rest are from various games. 
Not pictured, our shopping trip to Goodwill for these garments. 
Whaaat? DIY tramp-stamp jorts?
One of my friends dressed like Al Capone, so the other dressed like his pimp. Slam dunk. 
Pictured is Al Capone and Fidel Castro. 

My shirt says Pet Me. 
Enjoying the game with Benjals. 
  BONUS: Some of my friends looking like a couple and a picture of two friends looking like a gay romance novel

Happy marching. 

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