Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Put the Holla in Holiday.

Here it is! 
Obviously, a trip to New York is top of my list closely followed by world peace (give or take) but if you just can't pull through with those things, here are some other ideas that would be greatly appreciated. 

QUICK REMINDER TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS: If you'd like to get one of these things, make contact with my mother so that I don't get twelve of the same colouring book. Ya know. 

To Watch:
-Moulin Rouge
-Frances Ha
-Begin Again
-Le Petit Nicholas
-Mindy Project: Season 2
-Parks and Recreation: Season 3 or higher
-Parenthood: All seasons
-Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 1

To Read:
-Bossy Pants
-Yes Please
-Live From New York
-The Interestings
-Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
-Book With No Pictures
-Little Humans

To Wear:
-Vampire Weekend Sweatshirt (Medium)
-Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Sweatshirt (Medium in Black)
-Broken Bells Shirt (Medium)
-Athena Tee Shirt from I Love Athens (Medium in Faded Purple)
-Wooden Ring
-Wool Socks
-Bonne Maison Socks (Especially the ones with the people on them)
-NoonDay Earrings Un
-NoonDay Earrings Deux
-NoonDay Earrings Trois
-NoonDay Earrings Quatre
-Duck Boots (size 6, Narrow)
-Barnard Sweatshirt (Medium)
-UT Austin Tee Shirt (Medium)
-University of Michigan Tee Shirt (Medium)
-Columbia University Tee Shirt (Medium)
-Georgia Theatre Shirt (Medium)

To Listen:
-Strange Desire: Bleachers
-Vampire Weekend; Contra: Vampire Weekend
-Rot, Gut, Domestic; Slingshot to Heaven; Dust of Retreat: Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
-Diamonds: Johnnyswim
-Noble Beast; Mysterious Production of Eggs; Soldier On; Swimming Hour: Andrew Bird
-Flying Club Cup: Beirut
-Broken Bells; After the Disco: Broken Bells
-Helplessness Blues: Fleet Foxes
-All of Us in Our Night: Modern Skirts
-Far: Regina Spektor
-Oblangle Fizz Y'all: Reptar
-Classics: She & Him
-Wincing the Night Away: The Shins
-God Help the Girl: God Help the Girl

To Infinity and Beyond:
-75-300 Lens; 18-55mm Lens
-Felted Cactus
-Felted Mounted Animals (You can ask for any custom made)
-Black Jack Wax Candles (In Film Noir)
-Other Calendar
-Paris iPhone Case
-Broken Bells Button Set
-Ingrid Michaelson Button Set

To Spend Freely (Giftcards):
-Barnes and Noble
-Urban Outfitters
-Georgia Theatre
Put the Holla in Holiday! 

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