Saturday, June 28, 2014

Au Revoir!

I am headed back to New York tomorrow! I am excited to try new things I didn't get to earlier this month. We have some free time to work with which is a blessing. Speaking of blessings, we're taking an airplane! Holla! I will not be posting this week but look forward to travel pictures afterwards! Have an awesome week! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Reading.

I was looking forward to this summer a lot because I was so excited to have time to read all of the books I have stacked up waiting in my room! I haven't read half of them yet but already I want to buy new books to replenish the stack! 

I kicked off my reading spree by finishing Les Mis (wahoo!) and then reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I really dislike it. But none of that matters because next I tore through Where'd You Go Bernadette? This is one of my favourites I've ever read. I loved everything about it. It was so intriguing and funny and emotional. I'm still searching for something on its playing field of glory. 

I read B.J. Novak's book One More Thing and cracked up at almost every word. His ability to surprise you and tie in his previous short stories throughout the book was awesome. My favourite chapters were "Julie and the Warlord" and "The Comedy Central Roast of Nelson Mandela". Even his acknowledgements were funny. (Duh). 

I borrowed a friend's copy of The Fault in Our Stars and read it over choir tour. It was okay. (haha. That's an amazing pun if you read the book and I didn't even intend it). But for real, I wasn't super impressed and I did not, in fact, cry for hours like everyone said I would. I didn't cry at all. I thought it was fine but just a little rushed. I never had time to invest myself in the characters because a lack of character development therefore, I didn't particularly care what happened to them. I am still looking forward to seeing the movie. I have a feeling that I will uncharacteristically like the movie better then the book in this case. 

I just finished Lauren Graham's book, Someday, Someday, Maybe on Sunday. It's a fun little summer read and  enjoyed the lightheartedness of it. I can definetly tell it's written by Lauren Graham because of the funny little rants the character sometimes goes into or the character's vendetta against certain objects like ironing boards. It makes me miss Gilmore Girls. 

I read Eleanor and Park right after I finished Lauren Graham's book. I wasn't sure I was going to like it very much because the beginning is kind of annoying but it was always easy to read. I ended up loving it! It was one of my favourites I read this summer so far. It's about two kids in the 80s who end up together kind of by chance. It's a sweet story because it's not typical. It isn't a cheesy teenage romance. The author establishes that both kids have things they are self conscious about unlike many other fictional characters. It also goes back and forth between Park's perspective and Eleanor's which allows for a complete understanding of where both kids are coming from and what they deal with daily. It made me cry at the end. If this is tough to read in the beginning, just stick with it because it certainly pays off.  

I still have plenty left to read as well as a Barnes and Noble online shopping cart filled to the brim. Have you read anything this summer? 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Epworth 2014!

Epworth was so fun this year (as it always is). There has been a different leader every single year I've been to Epworth so they've all been different. Josh did an awesome job! 

We worked at a house doing yardwork for two days, played Epworth Olympics, left a worship service (haha...uh yeah...), had a luau, beach time, many impromptu dance parties, enos, games, bowling, bus complications, tree climbing, dinner at Mullet Bay, walking around the village, and more! 

Jump on to see the rest!

Monday, June 23, 2014


I had a day in between choir tour and camp to get ready for rock climbing! I, of course, loved the fast turn around though because I love being kept busy. 
Many many more pictures and words after the jump!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lady Liberty Lookin' Good TODAY!

We took at fairy from Jersey out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I think enjoyed the views of the city more then the actual tourist islands but of course, I'm still glad we went. Before loading the fairy, the first thing you do is go through security and then wait on the dock. There was a school group of elementary kids going with us and I heard one of their chaperons ask "So what island are we on now?" after they passed security. "Uh.. New Jersey?" I thought. haha. 
Lovely trees award goes to Ellis Island.
This is hardly someone standing on a bench and it kept cracking me up. 
I don't know these men. 
When we circled around to the back of the statue Josh said, "Lady Liberty lookin' good TODAY!" haha. 
Chillin with his girl. 
Wearin' the crown. 
Ah. The city! Ah. My people! Ah. My land! Ah. My empire!
Schramski sandwich :)

After our tours were complete, we went back to the hotel to eat early sandwich dinner and get ready for WICKED!
Team Elfie!
Classic 10th grade pic! (We missed Madeline who was in Europe!)
Action shot. 
The most photogenic girl in the world. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hey HeyHey Heyyy.

We went back into the city the next day. Our meeting point all day was outside of 30 Rock. We started off by going to the Today Show (Dad got on and was SO excited. He did not still has not shut up about it). Then we shopped a little and ate lunch at this incredible burger place. After lunch we went on the Top of the Rock. Unfortunately, Jimmy Fallon was not photobombing today. 

Then we got to be in Central Park for like ten minutes before we headed to Hell's Kitchen to sing at Metro Baptist Church. We were supposed to sing for an afterschool program, however, the city of NYC called a half day so we had one kid to sing for and the staff... When we finished our concert, we helped them out by putting together hygiene kits for the homeless and they let us see their rooftop garden! So cool!  

Cool building. 
Made (literally) a friend while waiting on the girls in our group to finish shopping. 
Timberlake hairs are beautiful. 
Rooftop pool how you doin'?
James up front. 
Empire State Hat. 
A local. 
Fiddler on the Roof.
Obsessed with this yellow building all week. 
Rooftop people.
New Yorker!