Saturday, January 17, 2015

Field Notes.

I went camping with some friends last night to prepare for a two week hiking trip we're going on in June. It was so so cold and there was already frost and dew on the ground when we went to bed at 10:45! Yikes! When we awoke, our tents were covered in ice and none of us could feel our toes! 
(Rose joined us as our mascot.)
We got to the property when it was already dark the night before and all we really knew was that we were in a giant field. Looking up, you could see all the stars! What a sight! We joked that the property looked like an arena from the Hunger Games. Later, we jokingly talked very existentially about the field ("All my life has been this field. I began on this field and it is right for me to rejoin it now" etc). 
We stayed all huddled together the night before after we played a few rounds of Big Booty. We sat in the field talking and laughing and trying to help each other stay warm until we couldn't stand to be away from our sleeping bags any longer. 
In the morning we packed up and refroze and ate instant oatmeal straight out of the packs (I tried Raisin and Spice for the first time-2 thumbs up). 

Despite the freezing temperatures and nub body parts, I never regret going camping. Being outdoors is refreshing and challenging in a very unique manner. I'm always blown away at how nifty everything that's a part of camping is and I just want to learn it all! This time, I mastered two new knots to set up a shelter, learned more about different camping stoves, and washed my bowl out by adding water and drinking my leftovers (my least favorite part of camping). 

Inspired by my very successful camping experiences in the past few months, I have a new goal to add to my bucket list. I want to backpack and camp in all 50 states. I also want this to not be separated. For instance, I can't dayhike somewhere and then camp out in a friend's backyard and say I've met my goal. I'm talking about hiking backpack out on the trail. Who's with me?
(This guy has taught me so much about camping and this picture cracks me up.) 
This is a goal that I'm particularly thrilled about, along with my goal to pee in every ocean, which has been a dream of mine since seventh grade. One ocean down, seven to go. One state down, forty-nine to go. 

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