Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Five Senses 2k15.

Last year, after being inspired by numerous beautiful  journals on Pinterest, I made the New Year's Resolution to keep track of my 2014. I used a planner my grandmother had given me and at the end of each day, just before settling into bed, I would draw what had happened to me in the calendar layout square and then write what the picture represented in the weekly planning rectangles. 

This was literally the coolest thing I could have done with that journal and pretty much the coolest year I could have chosen to do it. 2014 saw me change from a sophomore to a junior, go to New York for the first time (and then back again), lose friends to college, make new friends, form opinions, go rock climbing, go backpacking, go to concerts and festivals, MEET THE PUNCH BROTHERS, and date. At the beginning of 2014, I pretty much had no expectations because it seemed like a very random time in life which is part of what makes it so beautiful to me. There are so many memories and inside jokes recorded in that journal that will be priceless to look back on. 

Turns out, even though a lot of commitment, this type of chronicling (did I mention I prefer to call it chronicling?) is perfect for me and insanely addicting. On January 1, I went out and bought myself a 2015 planner to do the same thing (this time eco-friendly and with bigger writing areas!). However, this isn't exactly a new resolution for 2015, so after tossing around a few ideas, I decided to write down the most important five senses I experience each day. I wasn't completely sure that this was the route I wanted to take, but when I was buying my 2015 planner, I found the most bizarre and totally Parrish of journals that was the last of it's kind (which we all know is a heavenly sign) and it sealed the deal. 

On top of drawing and chronicling each day of 2015, I have been writing down the most prominent sensation for each of the five senses. I was inspired by this concept on one of my favorite (now sadly dormant) blogs. My hope is to also start sharing my top 5 senses here on this blog periodically. I'm not exactly sure which days yet, but I'll try my hardest to do one a week. 

I love chronicling in these ways because it gives me a very unique look at my own life and allows me to see my personal growth and change month to month. It's pretty much the neatest personal experiment ever and I'm so over the moon about the whole thing. 

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