Thursday, March 19, 2015


Alabama Shakes went on a mini tour recently to all of the cities in the US named Athens as a tribute to their own hometown of Athens, Alabama. The tour was purposed for introducing their new music. Benji and I were lucky enough to go in January (his first concert aww) and it was insane.

They absolutely killed it and I had been eagerly awaiting album announcements since. Their new album "Sound and Color" is set to release in the US on April 21 (eek!) and I am over the moon (pro tip: if you buy me this CD, I will marry you). Trust me their new stuff is indescribable. Or don't trust me. I have proof. Alabama Shakes has released three songs that will appear on "Sound and Color" and they are like a gift to us all.

They just released "Future People" yesterday and I refuse to listen to anything else at the moment. Enjoy and get hyped now! I'm pinching myself!
"Don't Wanna Fight"
"Gimme all Your Love"
"Future People"

Yes yes yes! More more more! Please!

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