Thursday, May 7, 2015

Internet Secret.


Okay fine. This isn't a secret...but it can be overwhelming. Most of the time, I use YouTube to look up either a Kyle Mooney sketch to share (like "You're 18!" on every friend's 18th birthday) or to listen to music. My favorite part about YouTube is that people have uploaded discontinued albums. Bless. 

My most listened to album on YouTube is Ingrid Michaelson's first album, Slow the Rain. This album means a lot to me for many reasons. The fact that she redacted it from her music library breaks my heart. It's not to be found anywhere...except for YouTube. 

Slow the Rain was the first album I ever heard of Ingrid Michaelson that got me completely hooked. It has so much passion while being simple. It is very raw and wonderful. I have loved it all through middle school and I love it even more now. The songs capture moments that are so sincere and authentic. One or the other is always relatable. I adore it. 

If you can't find something, go look around. It's probably on YouTube. :)